EleksMaker A3 Pro 2500W burning problem

  • Hello.
    After few month my laser started tu burn like this and two days before he was burning perfect clear.
    What should i do?

  • @stajerac hahah ive got the same problem with my eleksmaker 2500mw laser, this is a faulty driver.
    Mine is broken now , and i allready emailed to eleksmaker without any results.
    So hopefully you can reflow youre driver or something, otherwise you have to make or order somewhere else a new driver.
    Good Luck!!!

  • @M1K3rSz Thank you :)

  • @stajerac

    Not driver. Two image burn. Problem is machine.

  • @Anatoly ok. then should I buy the new board or laser diode?

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    @stajerac if the problem is that you are getting backlash (which causes a slight double image) you wouldnt need to replace either. It is a purely mechanical problem that can be solved with adjustment. Mine had this problem recently. It turned out my xaxis wheels were too tight. You can check this by turning the machine off and moving the x axis back and forth. If it feels bumpy then your wheels are too tight. This causes the machine to miss a step when going back and forth which makes your laser not hit the same spot therefore causing a double image. If your wheels roll smooth as butter than next check your belts. Too much or too little tension can also cause this. These sorts of problems are almost always on the x axis carriage.

    I dont know what software you are using but T2 software has some setting that can help expose mechanical issues. One is to turn off bi-directional scanning so it only burns when moving right. If its missing a step on the return trip this will should solve the problem in software... of course your burns will take twice as long so its not really a solution so much as an assistance in locating the problem.

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    oh and to solve the x axis too tight issue... if that is your problem like it was mine. You can try to drill the xaxis carriage holes slightly bigger to give space or you can do what i did and 3d print or have someone 3d print this adjuster I designed.


    If you dont have access to a printer this site can get you some from someone local to you.

  • @nottingham82 zes i checked the wheels but one screw that was holding the motor on z axis was a little bit loosen and easy to remove with hand. Then I checked all screws and tried to burn and it came out perfect. Thank you for help :) :) you rock :)

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    @stajerac glad you found your loose screw! I hate when I have a screw loose.

  • Oh wow sorry for my quick reply yesterday , i didnt know this either , i thought it was the same problem what i've had , bu i guess my driver failed by other things then.
    Im still looking for a good replacement for my Laserdriver (laser 2500Mw), anyone a suggestion?
    Because i found an topic on here it was about sending an email to john@eleksmaker.com, to arrange a new one. but after two weeks still no answer.

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