It is possible to cut cloth with 2500mw

  • Is possible to cut cloth with 2500mw laser? :blush:

    Any suggest how is the best method to cut this?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Yes, it cuts cloth very well. Cotton is safest but you can do blends and other materials, but polyester can ignite and cause a fire so be careful. I use 2 passes on cotton, the 2nd pass will remove the fibers. With felt you need 3 or 4 passes to get a clean cut as it is thicker and has more fibers.

  • What about Fleece? I hear that fleece is extremely flammable. I'm a little hesitant to try as I just put it together and have not even been able to get it to move yet. That's another issue I'm having.

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    I haven't tried it but if you do test it, cut from the back which should be much easier and less likely to cause a fire.

  • @Zax Thanks!

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