Different Size same gcode on Eleksdraw and ElksLaser

  • I have the two machines, in different computers.
    I create a gcode on Inkscape of a picture 90x90 mm
    I send it to the laser, size is correct. (Pulse 80/80)
    I send it to the draw, size is smaller

    I read the frequenly asked question and change the values to configure both machines, to use the draw I select Servo Mode, and Pulse = 100 / 100
    Then the size of the drawing is a little bigger but not bigger enought.

    I changed again Pulse on elekscam to 120/120 but still been smaller

    Why this different in size? Something is not well configured?
    I don't think so, but could be for bee in different computer?

    Any one has the same or similar problem?


  • is the resolution the same took me some time to work out why mine were different sizes resolution 0.1 gives a smaller pic than 0.2 ect

  • Ok, I understand that, but is the same gcode. in the gcode put the resolution?
    I think resolution doesn't apply on the code and I didn't change it.

    So I understand is the resolution on Elekscam or perhaps of the machines.
    Could you help me a little more and tell me where I could choose that resolution?
    Or whats the rate of resolution between both machines so I could adjust in pulse

    I don't find it, sorry.
    Many many thanks.

  • @lunalo

    You not have choice for resolution.

  • Many thanks @Anatoly
    I don't loose more time looking for it.

    So at the end I'll have to create two different gcodes for each machine.
    It will be try and error and try again.

    Thanks again ^_^

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