die Linien sind versetzt

  • Hello, is it normal that with larger pictures or writings anyway the lines are offset? this picture (graphic) should be 15cm wide. the engine does not hang but drives too far. I use Elekscam. Can I adjust the program?


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @JürgenH. You are losing steps, which is a mechanical issue.

    Most likely the carriage is too tight or you need to loosen the belts. If you disconnect the belts it should roll smoothly and with very little friction.

  • the two sleds run up and down lighter than the one left and right. but the screws are very loose, so I have to work the holes of the fixation. is that normal ? but the sled goes too far. if it was too strict he would not go so far?
    he also does not lose any lines. which are only offset .

    other question: for what is the option "hardware limit"?

    Thanks and BR

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @JürgenH. If you are happy there is no friction, everything runs smooth then adjust the belts and test it. If you see the same problem I would suggest to check the motor current (you will need a volt meter).

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