Top of image distorted

  • I am using the EleksMaker software in Windows 10 with an Eleksmaker A3. Using PicDraw I import my image and engraved at multiple settings. All of my engravings constrict (squash vertically) the image and distort the top few lines of the image. The bottom of the engraving is proportionate. It is not as noticeable on larger engravings, but on small engravings, it's very apparent. See images. I have adjusted speeds, and tightened the belts, and adjusted the home position.

    1_1507088761104_IMG_0514_2.jpg 0_1507088761103_IMG_0513_2.jpg

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  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    That's really odd, does it do it with any image?

  • Check if the stepper is moving freely.
    If there is some mechanical problem and the stepper skips steps from time to time (on the Y axis) you can expect that kind of result.

    Also you could try to increase the current of the driver. But be careful not to overheat the motor.

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