Safty issue not recomened product...eleksmill

  • Dear Eleksmaker team.
    I am very sad to announce that after around one month trying to get my Eleksmill working in normal conditions stopped..

    The major reason is SAFTY issue.. the laser is working in full power all time.. also the cutting motor is on all time. Which is dangerous for home use.
    . since over a month I was trying every thing… even sent notes and emails to Banggood. And Developers team and posts many quesstions in the fourm on the site… BUT never get the official answer…
    IN General the product is cool and nice design and easy to build it… but it was shocking when it come to software issue…
    Many many requests from people on the site facing same issue..
    Manu many links and firmware available randomly…
    Many not complete answers…
    Its just try and try and waste of time..
    IT should be very easy task…
    Hope next time your support team work in better way.. for me its time to check another manufacture of mini mill… and sad to say goodbye eleksmaker and good luck in your next product..
    I was going to recommend eleksmaker mill to our student at school and university. But du to safety issue and lake of technical information I could not even wrote my recommendation..


    ZAKI Qurban

  • @Zqurban

    A school should build own machine -
    OR school should buy from established online company -

    Support from eleksmaker seem not happen, even when common issue raised many times.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    Hi , at first i apologize for your experience.

    ture , cause our profits are very low , so we dont have much money to hire a lots of people continue to provide technical support to all customers of this DIY product.

    but , we are trying our best working on EleksMaker Wiki(include instruction FAQ and else)

    For safety , our laser module had upgrade for several times to improve safety performance.

    Sorry for your bad experience.

    Best Regards ,
    EleksMaker Z

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Firstly I have no affiliation with EleksMaker other than being a customer and purchasing multiple systems and components from them. I am however an electronics engineer with over 20 years CNC experience.

    It sounds like the MOSFET has shorted, probably from overheating. I think they are rated for 6W but not sure how much current your motor is pulling.

    It would be an easy and cheap fix, these are low cost hobby machines and some failures are inevitable but that doesn't mean the platform is unsafe.

    You must understand that any CNC or laser is potentially dangerous, at any time something can fail and cause catastrophic results. I believe EleksMaker do their best to make these safe and continue to improve, they are leaders in that area compared to their competition.

  • @EleksMaker-Z thanks fir your feedback... i will keep tracking my issue and see..

  • @Zax thanks zax.. your effort is amazing... i will try your advice...

  • @Anatoly thanks for ur feedback

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