3/27 Fix Some Small BUGs丨EleksROM V3.8 丨 Brand New CoreXY/XY 丨 Laser/Servo Mode Easy Switch Firmware Release

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    Hi , Thx For Purchase Our Products

    Now we bring Brand New CoreXY/XY 丨 Laser/Servo Mode Easy Switch Firmware For You

    EleksRom V3.7 Instruction
    In this version , you can just type one line Gcode to the controller to switch system mode.
    A0 Laser Mode
    A1 Servo Mode
    C0 XY Machine Mode
    C1 CoreXY Machine Mode
    E1 EleksLaser  Default: 80/80/Laser Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y step/mm /Model /Machine Type
    E2 EleksDraw   Default: 100/100/Servo Mode/CoreXY Machine Mode //x,y step/mm /Model /Machine Type
    E3 EleksEgg    Default: 20/20/Servo Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y step/mm /Model /Machine Type
    E4 EleksMill   Default: 400/400/400/Laser Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y,z step/mm /Model /Machine Type
    All Machine Default Acceleration is 200, you can type this in Gcode Sender to change the Acceleration:
    $120=500(or whatever acceleration you want) //X Axis
    $121=500(or whatever acceleration you want) //Y Axis
    $122=500(or whatever acceleration you want) //Z Axis

    For EleksCAM you can send Gcode Here:


    For Candle you can send Gcode Here:


    From 3 month ago , we start to upgrade our EleksLaser Desktop Engraving Machine and use brand-new Mana SE Controller.

    Cause we have various Desktop Engraving or Draw Machine , So when you get our product with Mana SE Controller ,

    you need to Set Paramto Mana SE Controller.

    And Now We Have Full AutoMactic Upgrade And Set Param SoftWare Called EleksROM For You.

    Please Attention - The Following Controller  Support This SoftWare
    Supported Controller:
    EleksMaker Mana SE Controller  (V1.3/V2.1 Default Is V2.1 With No Version String On It)
    EleksMaker Mana Controller  (V2.1)
    EleksMaker L7 Controller  (For this Controller Model , you need follow this instruction to Upgrade)

      EleksMaker L7 Controller Upgrade Instruction Here

    Please Attention - The Following HardWare  Support This SoftWare 
    Supported Machine:
    EleksLaser A3  (Laser Power : 500mw/1600mw/2500mw/5500mw/7000mw)
    EleksLaser A5  (Laser Power : 500mw/1600mw/2500mw/5500mw/7000mw)
    EleksDraw  (With Draw module or Laser Power : None/500mw/1600mw/2500mw/5500mw/7000mw)
    EleksDrawPro  (With Draw module or Laser Power : None/500mw/1600mw/2500mw/5500mw/7000mw)
    EleksMill  (With Moter module or Laser Power : None/500mw)
    EleksEgg  (With Draw module)


    First Step:

      Click Here To Download EleksROM V3.8

    When Download is accomplished , Click EleksROM.zip To UnZip it.


    Then you can click on EleksROM.exe to directly Run or right click on EleksROM.exe to make a Shotcut to desktop


    Please Attention : Please Inset Your EleksMaker Controller First Before Open The EleksROM



    When EleksROM Initialization Complete . Just Choose Which EleksMaker Machine You Are Using And Click On That one IMG (EleksDraw && EleksDrawPro using the same option And you dont needed to choose which Controller you are using )




    Then You Can Choose The SerialPort Which Your Machine Is Using And Clik Connect SerialPort.


    Step 4:

    Then You Just Need Click To DownLoad Button To Automaticlly Download and set param for your Controller.



    From Now , You Dont Need To Click Anything And Just Wait a Few Minute.


    Do Not UnPlug Your Controller Out At This Time , It May Broke Your Controller.



    FirmWare Downloading is accomplish at this time.



    Please Wait About 30s. While Controller Is Rebooting.



    Now Controller Is Set Param Automaticlly.



    All DownLoad Completed , Just Plug Out Your Machine And SoftWare Will Closed Automaticlly. Thanks For Choosing Our Products.


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    Looks like its coming together nicely Z

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Very nice. That is a simple way to switch modes, well done.

  • please let me know how to fix libusb0.dll error? I have every possible method listed on internet but nothing went to correct it.

  • @kaytwo
    I had same problem, I found the libusb0.dll file in the installation files of the elekscam software. Copy it to your PC's directory ..... PC > Windows > sysWOW64
    Reboot then download firmware.

  • @chriscassin Thanks... done with this error.

    Now how to install software. after displaying all download complete I am not getting anything

  • @kaytwo just download the latest eleks cam software and install it , make sure you run it as administrator and connect your machine with the computer and choose com3 in the settings and you will see below a message prompt in green that your device is connected

  • When I try to run EleksRom I get "eleksrom.exe is not a valid Win32 application". Any ideas?

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