Laser did´n´t move!

  • Hello, i boght the Eleksmaker A3 Plus Laser 2500 mW.
    I install all the things well. Moving the Laser in all directions are ok. (wiht the manual test, arrows in all directions). I use the EleksCAM v3.1 programm to burn. But if i will burn any picture, the laser will stay on one point and did´t move! Is the EleksCAM v3.1 software not working? Is there any EleksCAM software who will work? I want to use this software because it is very simple to use.... If not please sent me the download and intruductions for a other working software. Thanks a lot, Andreas

  • You're not alone Andreas, I have the same problem. Please, does anyone know how to solve it?

  • Yes I think so. Put your OS in the computer to using the United States Country Code, then it should work.

    There is a big mistake in the program, which the publisher unfortunately does not understand it is necessary to correct so that it can be used in mainland Europe.

    Regards Leif.

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    Yup what Leif said. It is every other post on this forum so if you dont understand just blindly click on a post and you should get more info.

  • @Landbo many thanks! I'm from Spain and I had to change the "measuring system" property from 'metric' to 'EE.UU', and now the motor is moving. Until now I had a lot of holes in wood. You're right, this is an important issue to solve in the soft.

  • @Paco-Gamero It's great you made it work, just a shame it was not EleksMaker who did it by changing the code in their program so it works everywhere in the world. :cry:

    Now I'm probably thrown out of the forum !!! :laughing:

    Regards Leif.

  • @Paco-Gamero how did you change " the "measuring system" property from 'metric' to 'EE.UU' " please?

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