Everything was allright, then flashing blue...

  • I built the machine and everything was working fine then suddenly it stopped and the LED thats Blue when its on started flashing the machine would not respond. I unplugged everything and Board seems to be working, I plugged in the motors and they move and stuff. The second I plug the lazer back in everything dies and it goes back to flashing blue. How do I fix this, did I get sent a broken machine or what?

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    sounds like some sort of a short. do you have a multimeter to check wires? If you do you can also check that your power supply is functioning. Ive seen a few fail.

  • Yeah I was digging through forums and stuff, this power supply looks super cheap. I agree about it being some kinda power issue digging through the forums thats the theme, maybe a batch of crappy control boards or something? I just said screw it and ordered a new power supply and control board for 40 bucks, that way if it is somehow I got sent a broken lazer, which it dosen't seem to be. Everything was working perfectly right until it just stopped on me.. my impression is if the lazer died the board wouldn't go out on me. I need this machine to be working -_- lol This way if it is a bad lazer Ill know for certain and raise hell with bangood :)

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