(Solved) No movement, no Laser with LaserGRBL but with T2Laser

  • Hi all,
    I have the Eleksmill and it is working fine with the mill, but not with the laser.
    If I use the LaserGRBL, I can connect and move the axis, but I cannot switch on the laser.
    If I connect to T2Laser, the Laser and axis are running fine, with no issue.
    That means, the hardware is correct set and it is working.

    So the question is, why is the 500mw laser not starting since the other program can work with it properly?
    Are there any settings I have to preconfigure so the laser starts`
    I use the GRBL1.1e on the mill's PCB.

    Please advise

  • solved, the Laser GRBL is only switching on the laser, if the laser moves , was an security issue, which I found in the docs

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