printing a letter written in MS Word or PDF document on Eleksdraw

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    I'm new here and have looked for examples without any luck. I am able to draw several of the example jpgs and they work. I want to take the next step which is to use the Eleksdraw to create a 'handwritten' letter. For testing I am using a Comic Sans font, but I have custom fonts I want to use in the future.

    Here's what I have done so far:

    1. I have created the letter in MS Word and exported that to PDF.
    2. I have opened the PDF in Inkscape and exported it as gcode (Extensions/Eleksmaker Tool/Gcode Output)
    3. That output generated as an NC extension (
    4. I have verified in Candle that the file is valid.

    Now I would like to open the gcode in Eleksmaker Evolution Desktop CAM V3.1 and have it draw the gcode to paper.

    I can't figure out how to load the file for drawing. The 'Load Gcode' works but it wants to engrave it or for some reason draw it upside-down and mirrored. If someone has created a process for going from Text in MS Word or a PDF to "drawn" text on paper I would really appreciate any pointers that they can provide.


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    Try this. In elekscam go to the control tab and click y-rev and x-rev to flip the directions the engraver is moving.

  • Thanks. That helped a bit, flipping the y axis resolved the mirroring issues for an SVG file. It still doesn't allow me to load the gcode file, but perhaps that just for the laser? I've used gcode in my 3D printer so maybe?

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