Resolved - Everything stopped working.. Blue power light flashing (video)

  • After a bit of construction and software setup it was all working good... then while the power was on it died.

    The blue power light flashes but no power to laser or servos

    I made a video of the issue here:
    (if you're in China)

  • EleksMaker CEO

    Banggood gave me this video, this doesn't look like the problem of the laser, I met such a problem generally only three possible.
    1: A4988 module is broken, you can remove it to eliminate the problem.
    2: 16V solid capacitor has a problem, you can remove it to eliminate the problem.
    3: The power adapter is broken.
    If the above three solutions are cannot solve, is that the board is broken.
    I send a new Mana SE to Banggood. they didn't contact you?

  • Unfortunately banggood never contacted me again. I got a replacement Mana SE from ebay and it's working again.

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