Another 'laser always on' post

  • Hi everyone,
    I've just purchased an a3 1600mw engraver and have the seemingly common 'laser always on problem'. I have trawled all the forums I can find and have tried what seems to be the usual solutions. The laser burns at full power as soon as the 12v supply is turned on, and the 'low power' button has no effect (neither does the low/high function in the benbox software). In Benbox I have changed the laser ports to 11 from 12. The wires seem to be connected to the correct terminals. Stepper motors are working fine, although the image which gets burned is mirrored and upside down. Swapping the y axis connectors prints the image the correct way up, but it is still mirrored. What is my next logical step to track down what the problem is?
    Thanks guys

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