User manual with all instructions and detail of each option in EleksCAM [Where?]

  • Hi all, i would like to understand all of this options and how each one works, i have some questions about EleksCAM and can´t solved yet.

    My principal question is:
    How to engrave using something like z-path of benbox, to grave when to laser go, and grave when back.

    I only know how to engraving like human write, from left to right.

    1_1490196210268_IMG_0768 (Medium).JPG
    0_1490196210267_IMG_0765 (Medium).JPG

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    Hi , Heres the detail

    X-Rev //Reverse X Axis Motor Motion
    Y-Rev //Reverse Y Axis Motor Motion
    Pulse //The Machine Step Motor Settings (EleksLaser Default is 80 EleksDraw:100 EleksMill:400)
    Accel //Acceleration of Step Motor  (For Smooth Motion usually is 200 For Faster usuall is 500)

  • No manual? I need to know about RealPoint, Outline Scan andPoint with all parameters

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    that is inside the download package , its a PDF file~

  • @EleksMaker-Z I've downloaded the latest version of EleksCAM from here:丨download-instruction
    and i not find any PDF file ... could you help me with the correct link to that documentation?

  • @EleksMaker-Z Where?

    0_1492003850455_2017-04-12 10_29_48-EleksROM - WinRAR (evaluation copy).png

    0_1492003859870_2017-04-12 10_30_05-EleksCAM3.28.rar - WinRAR (evaluation copy).png

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    This post is deleted!

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    By "one tone" I thought just black and white or red and white or whatever one base and one background colour pictures. Grayscale is not "one tone". Yes - it's odd. EleksCAM shows all pictures in black and white but in deeply inside for making so called Scan rendering, it can take into consideration pictures colours shades. So Point makes rendering by just black and white picture when Scale uses colour difference (what you can't see in screen as there is all black and white) and makes more dots for darker colours and fewer dots for lighter colours.

    0_1492939504224_Point of Scan.gif

    Size difference occurs - surprise, surprise - by that that EleksCAM recognises one halftone spot in right middle side of that picture (as you can see small dot in right side of rendering) that is hard to notice even in colour picture and in black&white version absent completely.

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    Slightly better (in one scale) example Point vs. Scan (better view in full size, just click on picture):

    0_1492945452396_Point of Scan.gif

  • Many thanks for @mrmister @EleksMaker-Z and @MuuSer for all explanations.


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