Laser spot very unsymmetric

  • Hey everybody,
    I have your 5.5W laser and noticed that the laser spot is very "unround/unsymmetric/rectangular". If I laser something the laser path has a width of ~0.8mm in the focus, if I laser in Y-direction it's only ~0.1mm. You can see thin is the image below. This unfortunately doesn't allow me to engrave in high detail, because the resolution is limited. 0_1510162811681_laser1.jpg
    If I point the laser on a wall you can see the same behavior:
    Is this normal with you lasers? Are the optics bad? Is there a way to fix this?

  • @CNCKitchen

    yes is normal.

    Welcome to board and welcome to issues of small laser diodes.

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    Hi Stefan!!! welcome to the forum. @EleksMaker-Z is the companies face on here. He pops on occasionally but for the most part it just us users on here.

    On my first eleksmaker laser (mine first one is like your first one and also a year old) it is very rectangular. I used to cut squares out of 3mm birch wood. I would have to adjust the focus until the vert lines and horizonatal lines were even. I havent noticed it as much on my new 2.5 and 1.6 watt probably because I am mostly engraving these days and not trying to cut.

    .1mm is about what you can hope for as far as resolution.

    You can replace the eleksmaker lens with ones from ebay and amazon. Do a search for Collimation Glass lens. They come in 1, 2, and 3 layers. I have been meaning to buy some and try them out. one guy on bought some earlier this year. The guys who were testing them said they saw an increase in power using the 1 layer collimating lens but the focal length was shorter so they had to move the piece closer to the laser.

    here is the write up:,1855.15.html

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