A3 PRO 5500mW cuts deeper when only moving in Y-direction

  • I have an EleksLaser-A3 Pro 5500mW Laser Engraving Machine and I'm facing trouble to properly cut in different directions.
    When moving Y-direction (back and forth) only, it cuts perfectly and I’m able to reach expected depth in the plate being cut.
    When moving X-directions, the depth does not reach even 50% of depth on the same plate of previous test.
    When cutting in circle, the whole cut is 50% deep only and when cutting a straight line in the center of the same circle, using only the Y-direction and keeping the same settings, the straight line achieves 100% of expected depth.
    Has anyone ever faced this issue before? Please share your thoughts and workarounds to fix it.

    0_1510480587570_Corte 1.jpg

    Please find attached BENBOX settings to cut 2.5mm plate (MDF) and a video with different depth results when in different directions (Y only, X-Y and X only).

    Youtube Video

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @karsan Benbox uses really old firmware (Grbl 0.8), both software and firmware have many problems. The latest Grbl 1.1 is much improved for motion control and performance, but you will need new software.

  • Might I suggest you upgrade to firmware 1.1e and use T2 laser? It has an option to move slower in one direction because it cuts less when going against the grain of wood versus going with the grain.

  • @ThothLoki Thanks for your suggestion to change the speed in different directions on the T2 Laser. I had not noticed this detail.
    How do I know the version of the firmware installed?

  • @karsan if you are using Benbox right now, you are using their proprietary firmware that is as @Zax said a v0.8
    If you install T2 and go the the control screen, it will tell you when it is ready by showing what version of firmware you are using.

    @Zax has also included most firmware versions and flavors you might need in T2Laser. His standard 1.1e (again built into the software) works awesome with T2

  • @ThothLoki Thanks for the clarification.
    I will study more closely the features available in the T2Laser Software.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @karsan Let me know if you have any questions, the software has many features for advanced users but hopefully is still easy for beginners. It is designed to grow with you as you learn and want more features.

  • @Zax Thanks for the esclarecimentose for the support.

  • Image 1
    0_1510827538557_Um bom e feliz 2 gravação.jpg

    Image 2
    0_1510827568625_Um bom e feliz 3 corte.jpg

    Engraving and cutting done with BENBOX software V 3.7.99

    2.5 mm MDF material

    Gravação: Intensity = 50
    Speed = 800
    Carve Mode = Scan By Line
    1 = repeats

    Corte: Intensity = 254
    Speed = 500
    Carve Mode = Outline
    8 = repeats

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Youtube Video

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