I bough my mini laser engraver more than a year ago, it took me just one afternoon to get the hardware setup, the

  • I bough my mini laser engraver more then a year ago, it took me just one afternoon to get the hardware setup, but when I come to setting up the software I was being scared away by the instruction telling me to upgrade the firmware. I thought that I can come back to it at a later time, I put it aside and was busy with my other stuffs. But time flied by and when I am ready to pick it up again, I could not find my instructions and all the
    software that came with the kitwart. It took me a while to find this site but browse throught it I could not locate the instructions and software. I would appreciate if you could give me some directions here. Thank you much!

  • @entophysiologist we would be happy to help. Please tell us what software you are using. Also, if you have a link to the engraver you bought, that would be a great help. If you do not have a link, could you please take a picture of the control board and post it?

  • @ThothLoki
    Great! This the first time I enter into a discussion forum. However I have yet to learn how to attach a picture to the conversation. But i did spend some time on the site andind now I finde software where to download the software, I failed to install the software on my computer, when I tried to install ELekmaker CAM, it tells me installation failed, So I THOUGHt it needs something else first, I downloaed net FRAMEWORK 4.0 andwhen I tried it I failed again , it refuse to install on my computer. I even tried to go on the web to download the software on another site but got the same results. Perhaps I need to switch to another computer and redo the same thing again. Before I learn how to post a picture, the control board has two push buttons line up horizontally near the bottom of the board . i hope the above information could help you help me in setting up the laser engraver.. BTW I bough my laser engraver from banggood.com:https://www.banggood.com/500mW-Desktop-DIY-Violet-Laser-Engraver-Engraving-Machine-Picture-CNC-Printer-Assembling-Kits-p-999923.html?rmmds=myorder Many thanks

  • @entophysiologist looks like you have an L7 board. That’s a good board

    I have the same issue with elekscam on my computers. It will install but only run on one of my computers.

    I would say to try T2Laser. That is what I use and love it. The developer is also very responsive and continues to update the software to add features

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    The T2Laser installation has everything you need, including the machine drivers, firmware and software.

    Website: http://t2laser.org
    Download: https://t2laser.blob.core.windows.net/install/setup.exe

    (the download is from my secure server, you can also get it from other sources like http://download.cnet.com/T2Laser/3000-2130_4-76476538.html or http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Editors/T2Laser.shtml)

  • finally get down to install the driver. I was successful. But when I open EleksCam, I kept getting a message saying that I have to chose the right serial port and click the refresh button. I did what was asked but could not the software to connect to the machine. I tried it with LaserGrBL, I get the message that the machine is connected, but nothing happened when I try to move the machine using buttons on the software, I believe the software was playing tricks with me!

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