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FIRST follow these STEPS before posting a question.

DO NOT SUPPLY POWER TO YOUR LASER OR THE CONTROL BOARD UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BELOW Change Regional Setting DECIMAL , to . Install Eleksmaker Cam software on your computer. Right click elekscam icon on deskstop, select PROPERTIES, select COMPATIBILITY, check the box Run this program as an administrator, click APPLY, click OK. Open elekscam. Plug the USB into the NANO. Plug USB into your computer. In elekscam click SETTING section
6a. Install the DRIVER.
6b. CLOSE elekscam. OPEN elekscam
7a. In elekscam select COTROL
7c. In elekscam selct SETTING
7d. In SETTING click RST ROM - let the software run. After software installs CLOSE elekscam. Open elekscam. In CONTROL, look for PORT, select the appropriate COM port. PLUG IN THE POWER TO YOUR LASER.

Your laser should now be ready for use.

Issue: Laser is on at full power.
Answers any of these may work:
Did you supply power to the controller board without having elekscam open, if yes, turn off power to controller board; Open elekscam, power controller board.
DO NOT turn on power controller board WITHOUT elekscam open.

Issue: I installed benbox or T2 Laser, now elekscam does not work.
Answer: Go to Step 7, reflash RST ROM.

Issue: Red light on laser module is blinking.
Answer: Blinking red light means "weak laser" is on, push the white button just next to the red light. OR use the weak laser button in elekscam

Issue: Y axis not working
Possible solution: Switch the Y axis cables on the controller board.

Issue: Engravings are wobbly
Possible solutions:
Try reducing the feed rate OR
Tighten or loosen the drive belts. (You will just have to figure out which)

Issue: Elekscam will not open/load .svg files.
Answer: Waiting on a solution from eleksmaker.

Issue: Engraving did not start where I wanted it too.
Answer: In CONTROL section of elekscam, use the x-,x+,y-,y+ to position laser to desired location; click SET ZERO (I also click HOME)

Issue: I SET Zero and HOME, engraving still did not start where I wanted.
Answer: In CONTROL section of elekscam, look for SET HOME COORDINATE, click any of the options to set the position of where you want laser to start.

Other issues:
Minimizing elekscam, cause elekscam to crash on my windows 7 pc.

If all else fails:
Banggood return policy