I apologize for assuming that you were directly associated with Eleksmaker, my fault. I was just trying to use one of the software programs that I am more familiar with. I have 3 3D Printers, a Geeetech M201 , a Folgertechnology FT-5 , and a Smapmaker 3 in 1 , printer,laser and cnc . Plus an Endurance 3.5 watt Laser DIY engraver/cutter. I was having problems with the 3.5 watt laser and referred by Endurance to RobotsEverywhere, the original developer of this laser, who replaced the laser. I was then trying to upgrade LaserGRBL from v.9 to v1.1 using Arduino on 2 ATmega328P processors, and they no longer perform properly. During a discussion with Robots Everywhere he recommend the Eleksmana board, I tried EleksRom app twice, but it does not install v1.1 of GrBL, all the new functions and commands are missing, so to me it's still v.9. I can install 1.1 with Arduino if I know I have the proper sketch settings for it. This board responds the way I like and I don't want to damage it