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  • RE: New Nano "Error not sync"

    @matt17 That probably means the new Nano does not have a boot loader installed, without that you can't load using the USB port. You must use Arduino IDE and an AVR programmer or another devices configured as one to load it using the ISP pins or install the boot loader so you can flash firmware via USB.

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  • RE: EleksDraw Pro

    @arunodhayan The specs list working area as 280mm*200mm and show it supports laser and draw, so it would seem the link I provided answers your question. Banggood is their reseller, I don't know where else you can purchase.

    What do you want the machine for? You may be better getting a cartesian laser and adding the draw module, these are much better for raster engraving and work just as well for drawing - more common configuration.

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  • RE: Laser not stop

    @Gustawolf Glad it helped, if you want better software take a look at my T2Laser. I wrote it for my own use so you can be sure it's reliable and easy to use.

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  • RE: How to weak laser and jog in same time.

    @John-Jesper There's nothing in the T2Laser commands that would turn the laser off while jogging, it varies by machine and firmware. You could enable Rapid Jog in the menu, to see if that helps or you would have to look at firmware parameters.

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  • RE: laser stuck on

    @david-cox Possible causes in the most likely order:

    1. Firmware is corrupt
    2. Nano is bad
    3. Short on the controller
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  • RE: Laser not stop

    @Gustawolf If you have an Eleks Mana board (it looks like it but I am not 100% sure) then it would be the 2 closest to the red connector. The S pin is the closest pin and the center is the ground. So you would connect the S pin to TTL+ and the ground to TTL- on the laser driver board. You may need to add a pull down resistor, usually a 1kohm between those 2 pins will do it.

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  • RE: Laser not stop

    @Gustawolf That's correct, the input should be a TTL (5V) PWM signal which you can get from the unused 3 pin connector on the controller. They should be labelled + / - / S, it is the S or signal pin that is a TTL/PWM output. This will control the laser module power and on/off. The problem now is what has been damaged.

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  • RE: Two to Three axis conversion

    @mydiyaddiction I'm not exactly sure what you mean, perhaps vector instead of raster?

    When using vector the machine will follow the path, like a drawing vs raster where it scans. To get a vector you can either load a DXF/PLT file or trace a raster to convert it.

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  • RE: Laser not stop

    @Gustawolf Yes. That's a PWM input to the laser controller, so it's like a switch that turns the laser on and off. If you disconnect the cable it SHOULD turn off but many Chinese designs don't have a pull down resistor so instead it turns on which is of course unsafe (another story) but if you connect the 2 pins the laser should turn off. If not, you know the laser driver has failed. The other end (connector 1) on the controller is where you would measure the voltage to see if it changes from 0V to 12VDC when you use software to switch the laser on/off.

    Just so you are clear, you are removing connector 2 and shorting the pins on the laser driver board. Do not short the cable.

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