@Lemoncarver said in EleksCam Textcarve Will only carve in one font:

I recently Purchased the A3 pro 2.5w laser CnC and have been learning how to use it and love the EleksCam software when I want to carve an image but have had difficulty getting the Textcarve to work properly. For some reason it only ever brings up or uses one font even if I select a different one. I have tried reinstalling Elekscam and everything and even tried t2laser and benbox but I don't like either product for Images like Elekscam and Benbox wasn't working at all as it would burn everything no matter how I set it up.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix my Textcarve in Elekscam? I would love it if I could even get a different font set up to Carve at all but it seems to be stuck on the default at all times.

Might one of many issue with elekscam. I make test and find out other font NOT WORK with single text - is shame that other font not work with single text.

Other fonts ONLY WORK with

Outlin Text
Real Text (scan the text back and forth)
Point Text (make many dots)