Firmware upload error 0x03

  • I cannot upload the firmware. The uploader does its contact with the com port and then it goes into a 10 loops try with the fail response as 0X03. And then when I close the console I got the fail message (1/-1073741510). The com port is working with 57600 baud rate. What can I do to reload the default firmware. Does the avrdude.conf file need to be changed? Thank you.

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    I made it work again, cleared the eepron and reloaded the default firmware from T2. Thanks T2.
    However T2 control does not respond. Elekscam also does not respond to the connection. It said it failed. However I also use LaserGRL and it works perfectly. It acknowledge GRL as version 1.1, the one loaded by T2.
    Not sure why T2 and Elekscam have failed connection? What can I checked. Thanks

  • @Josephus are you sure T2 is connecting to the correct port? I have had the issue where I connected it to the wrong COM port and had to go in and manually disconnect to reconnect to the correct port (my computer has some imaginary COM port that does not connect to anything)

  • Yes it is. I have the right port. I know this because using the same port, without rebooting windows Laser GRL works fine. I also make sure there is only one program running at a time. All programs are closed, only the one I am using is open and running so there should not be any interference from other program using the same port.

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    @Josephus You probably have the wrong baud rate, it should be 115200. Just disconnect and change it, reconnect and I'm sure T2Laser will work.

  • @Zax Thanks Zax for your suggestion. Actually it did not work even after changing the baud speed but your suggestion gave me the idea I should just change the USB connection (I have 4 on that shop laptop) which gave me a different port. I put the proper baud speed and Voila :) It worked. Not all ports are equals for some reason. Also sometime I have noted that the order of connecting several USB hardware does matter too. Anyway, I am back to normal. Thanks again Zax. Much appreciated

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    windows can be fickle

  • @Josephus this is especially true on older laptops when only some of the USB ports were powered.

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