T2 version for 32-bit versus 64- bit

  • On the t2laser.org the info sheet says that center trace is only available in the 64-bit version and not the in 32-bit. Although my main computer is windows 10 -64-bit, the laptop I use in the shop runs windows 7 32-bits (where the A3-pro is). Because T2 is computer assigned I will not be able to use the center trace function which is good to have.
    Are they other functions that are not operational in the 32-bit version but are in the 64-bit?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Josephus No, that's the only difference. Centerline Trace uses a lot of resources and 32-bit Windows can't handle it. It's usually not a big deal as Centerline is for very specific purposes, the standard trace and auto-trace work well for most cases.

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