Lines across g-code view

  • When i am on the engraving stage and check the g-code with view there are lignes across the image 0_1513383730924_gcode view.JPG

    Is this normal ? ive tried on 2 pc's and the result is the same

  • @bao yes. it is showing you the path of the laser. If you click the "s" button for simulate, it will show you how it will engrave. depending on your resolution, the laser beam will overlap on the lines and you will see one solid mass

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    It depends on the magnification, sometimes it will appear solid but of course it's still many lines. On the screen you can get patterns of darker lines due to the resolution but the laser will produce a clean result.



  • thank you for your replies .. i am reassured :)

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