I do not understand how to use Elekscam.

  • Hello guys,

    i bought myself the Eleksdraw, assembled it and it seems to work well but i do not understand how to use the Program EleksCAM. I had no problems moving the Eleksdraw with EleksCAM and the servo is working too but i could not draw loaded pictures as i wanted.

    The first problem is that when i try to load images from inkscape they appear to big. Bigger than the working area of the device itself and i could not find out how to scale the images using the PicCarve-Function. 0_1513455302457_2017-12-16_210831.jpg

    I have noticed that the scaling function only appears when i try to load jpg files but it does not appear when i try to load svg-files from Inkscape. I am very frustrated because of that. when i click the Start button, the device is runnig but it tryies to move across its own hardware borders (limitations).

    The secound problem is that i do not understand the Menu "Config". I guess that there are some configuration function but what can i adjust there? Maybe my english is not well enough to understand the whole Programm. What does "Pluse" and "Accel" stand for or what does that mean? It would be great if someone could explain it with more or less simple words. The Menu "Setting" i also do not understand there are almost no Instructions for EleksCAM in the Internet.

    I am also missing the function where you can prevent your device from moving outsinde its own borders where you can set those things manually.

    The third problem is that the "Outline-Function" does not work when i try to load the gallery pictures. 0_1513456769269_2017-12-16_213910.jpg. The other Functions "Realpoint, Scan and Point" Seems to work but i am not satisfied because the plotter starts to draw the pictures by single points or small lines.

    I spend almost 2 days trying to fix those problems but i can not draw pictures as i want it yet. I am begging for help!

  • Elekscam is temperamental with me too. You may want to try other program like LaserGRBL(open source) or T2 (free to try). There is a learning curve for using any of them and understanding how your laser engraver works best for specific tasks.
    Problem 1. Try to reduce the size of the file with an image software before loading it up in Elekscam
    Problem 2:
    Set home is where ever your laser is will be the center of the drawing.
    Port is your serial connection as per device manager
    Speed : how fast the laser is moving
    Sport-T (should be read as Spot time) is how long the pulse of the laser will be for spot burning in millisecond
    Acreage is the size of the drawing. You have to make sure it is within your printing area available. There are no limit switches on Elekslasers.

    When the notice happens you may just want to continue and see what happens. In the example with the Eiffel tower the message says that the file is still open with another software. That is often a problem in windows. Close that file before continuing.
    Problem 4: not all files can be traced. you may have to change the file characteristic before loading it up.

    In summary: If one software does not work try a different one. They all deal with image/burning variables in different ways, Some are easier than others and some let you do more but are more complex. From my limited experience (I got my new A3-pro laser for about 2 weeks now) It is best to work as much as possible your picture or drawing in an image or drawing program) save it and load it the engraver software. You have to be your own teacher. The forum here is great. It really helped me to try thing until they work. The devil is in the details from your computer setup, drawing/image files format, engraver software setup, and the laser machine connection. They all have to match in somehow. That is the main challenge. I hope this helps.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    T2Laser is easy to use and fully supported including frequent updates (new features). I do charge for the full version to offset costs but it's worth it to get the most from your machine with minimum hair loss ;)

  • Hello and thank you for the advices. I do not even bought a laser yet. I wanted to make sure that the device itself works fine. Meanwhile i solved some problems by my self. I have read in another Forum that the "outline" function does not work because you have to run the program as the administrator and that was it! This little inconspicuous detail made the difference. I have already drawn some nice pictures and anime charakters but i still want to know how to solve my problem Number one. I do not know how to reduce the sice of the file svg. I looked in inscape but this finction seems not to be there. I will try the other software when i have more time.

    Thank you for the help.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Wladimir No need for any of that with T2Laser, you don't need to change your country settings or run as Administrator - it just works!

  • I have the same issues with EleksCam. I would try T2Laser, but it requires Windows7. When i can get a Windows 7 machine setup, I will try that.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @eckirchn What version of Windows do you have?

    The current version of T2Laser will work on Vista, 7, 8 or 10 as well as Linux and Mac using a VM.

    There is an older version for XP but I don't recommend it (although it is stable).

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