Cannot engrave sample circle

  • I am completely new to both laser engraving and T2Laser trial software. I have an EleksMaker A5 and have loaded 1.1e firmware. (I'm not at all sure that this was the right thing to do, but I struggled to find clear directions.)

    I was able to load the sample 50 mm square and burnt that without a problem, but I am now unable to burn any other shape. I can alter the size, but nothing I do changes the shape. It is as if it has the G code for a square "stuck" in the system somewhere, but I cannot see how G code is generated in the first place, or where it is stored.

    I feel sure that I am making a simple newbie error here, but I am stuck so any assistance would be appreciated

  • You can clear the sketch board by using the clear sub-menu in the file menu. Draw again then click on the gear icon top right so you are back on the image/drawing setup. There if you click on the laser control icon it will create the gcode.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Midimanz I've never heard of that problem. If you click the circle example what does it look like on screen? You can clear using the File/Clear option or just restart T2Laser.


    If it looks correct on screen, then when you generate the G-code it would be correct, but you can use the simulation "View" to check it.


    If it's not coming out like it shows then you have some mechanical issue.

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