May we make a wish?

  • Hello, guys,
    I've seen these laser plotters today, great thing and you can do a lot with them.
    I had another idea.
    Can't you develop the same technique, just a little longer (approx. 3x3m). You could buy these long profiles in a DIY store, it's all about the controls.

    The whole thing would be a kind of: camera plotter, or camera robot!
    I want to be able to move a camera (camcorder) after a preset. So X/Y and Z, maybe another gimbal.

    I think there would be a good market for it and for you, it would be easy to develop such a thing.

    What's that for? Sync by honeybunny
    Greetings and Christmas!

    Translated with

  • I will try for this surely. Anyways thank you so much for sharing with us.

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