Drawings are diagonal (rotated 45 degrees)

  • I'm still troubleshooting my Eleksdraw - It's connecting to the computer OK and I can get it to move about - servo is not lifting the pen, but I see there is an update for that.

    Testing it with the pen just dragging on the paper, all my drawings are rotated by 45 degrees from the X/Y axis of the machine. Is there a way to adjust for that?

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    Most likely you have the wrong firmware installed, the EleksDraw is a CoreXY plotter so needs the appropriate firmware.

  • I'm using the firmware that was supplied with the device (which was advertised as fully assembled and tested, but turned out to be a kit and I still can't get it working)

    I tried updating the firmware using the instructions in another thread on this forum - I'm not sure if it worked or not - I got an error saying Libusb0.dll is missing, but it still appeared to download something.

  • Ah! I found LIbUSB on Sourceforge and installed that - and the firmware is updated - now it's working correctly (except the servo, which I think is a completely different problem)

  • @Atomic-Shrimp
    For EleksDraw what was the latest firmware you installed and from where did you get it? I have the same problem with diagonal printing.

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    Use the mana.hex and send the appropriate commands for you system.

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