Greyscale question on eleksmaker a3 pro

  • Hi all , well my laser kit arrived and its up and running ..............................but lol i have a little question . I am led to understand it is possible to do greyscale with the standard 2500w laser ? ive tried by ticking velocity mode and using a photo i created following steve nottinghams helpfull video but its just engraving black ... I am of course missing things ... could someone shed a little light as to what i should select to get a base start to greyscale please I.E what should be selected mode etc

    hellllp lol ... thanks so much if you can help

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    Hi. So did you put in two different speeds? Velocity mode needs multiple speeds. Your other options is to use just regular greyscale which uses a constant speed but varies the power. To do that there are three buttons by the top where the speed and power buttons are. They are greyscale, black and white, or dithered. Put in a power of 0-255 select greyscale turn off velocity mode and select the demo greyscale bar in the help menu. See what you get.

  • Thanks Steve

    i wasnt getting results in velocity :/ but in just simple greyscale (i thought that didnt work on the elek lol) i did the greyscale bar and fine tuned speed and power to get better results :) .... !!! now we're cookin !!

    Thanks for taking the time steve , oh and your videos have helped a lot too.

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    You are welcome. I need to do some more videos. I'm slacking working on my own projects. FYI I don't use velocity mode. It is useful on old machines though.

  • @bao do share your settings of speed and power .. thanks

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    @vivek.khanna always. Which setting do you want? Ive done alot of testing of different materials but I havent tried everything.

  • @nottingham82 I would require settings with Feedrate, Laser power, Resolution I will be trying with mdf in vacations :)
    Would be great if you can share the results as well ...

  • On mdf i do feedrate 3500, laser 250, and resolution 1.5
    For Fir tree wood i use feedrate 1000, laser max 180 mini 20, resolution 1.5

  • I'll try these .. thanks :)

  • 0_1515279058931_IMG_3269[1].JPG

    Eleksmaker A3 25w
    T2 Laser software
    Laser minimum power 8
    Laser maximum power 35
    velocity 1500
    resolution .2
    Medium: Vegetable tanned leather.
    Increase your maximum power for wood. Softer wood - less power.

  • I had the same too dark problem with early tests.
    I am getting good results with my A5 2500w with these settings on white oak...

    png graphic is modified in photoshop to 300 dpi
    with a good contrast to begin with

    grayscale mode
    .1 resolution
    power 100
    speed 200-2000
    velocity mode
    diagonal scan

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