Poor finish on linear rod

  • One of the longer rods I received in my kit is just not acceptable. A scuff here and there on parts is ok, but this one is just covered with pits from end to end.


    I don't see my bearings lasting long if I use that.

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    file a claim with the distributor... banggood I assume?

  • TomTop. I have tried...repeatedly. Their email server keeps bouncing my message saying it looks like SPAM, which makes absolutely no sense. I've tried sending the message both with and without the picture. They do not have a support phone number. This is kind of my only outlet at the moment.

  • @JLeether if you post feedback on their product page they get back to you pretty quickly, I've found.

  • Okay, reaching back out here. I finally got through to TomTop and they are not being helpful. I've been offered a $10 credit to keep it the way it is or I can ship the whole thing back at my expense for a refund of the original purchase price. So I'm either keeping it the way it is and having it rattle around and eat cheap bearings like candy, or I'm out the cost of shipping it back for the whole experience. If the rod wasn't center drilled and tapped for threads, I would just order a generic one and cut it to length.

    I'm really beginning to wish I had purchased this from Banggood now. It doesn't look like there have been any issues getting replacements from them.

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