• As an amateur leather crafter I bought my Eleksmaker A3 specifically to engrave leather. After a few hours assembly I was ready to burn something but was reluctant to start with leather which can get expensive and, frankly, used to be an animal and I like to show some respect to the material so, wood it was.

    After a few early fails on the learning curve I was ready for leather and had some successes with the Elekscam software on wood and leather. Now I was ready for greyscale...What a disappointment. Elekscam has no setting or ability for greyscales...Bummer. And then I found T2.

    Now there's a whole world of creative opportunity in front of me. The A3 burns wood, sure, but it works on leather even better. There are a few topics here in the forum on different mediums, Nottingham has certainly contributed a ton of data on glass wood and metal but I didn't see a topic dedicated to T2 use on leather so...Here we are.

    This weekend's burns are leather playing card cases. The process was:
    Photoshop to .jpg
    .jpg to T2 Laser
    speed : Feed 1000 / rapid 1000
    Power(min/max) 0/125
    Res: .2
    Black/White setting
    Diagonal engraving on all but the rabbit - That one was horizontal and the lettering is jagged. Definitely using diagonal for this type of project from now on.

    9_1515280309837_IMG_3328.JPG 8_1515280309837_IMG_3327.JPG 7_1515280309836_IMG_3326.JPG 6_1515280309835_IMG_3325.JPG 5_1515280309835_IMG_3324.JPG 4_1515280309834_IMG_3323.JPG 3_1515280309833_IMG_3322.JPG 2_1515280309833_IMG_3321.JPG 1_1515280309832_IMG_3320.JPG 0_1515280309831_IMG_3319.JPG

  • @ilusnst Thank you for sharing. Beautiful work. Truly enthusiastic.

  • Very nice! Can’t wait to do some work on leather. I have some deer hide I have been sitting on for a while.

    Nottingham82 will be another good resource as he has done some leather projects as well.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    I do leather too :)

    I usually use full power 255
    Speed 3000
    .1 resolution
    As a leather worker I have a question for you. Whenever I do leather it is a bit sooty. That soot kinda smears and transfers. Do you clean your leather after burning it?


  • Hi

    Here are some tests I did.

    MFG Chris ;-)


  • @nottingham82 - Yes! Very sooty indeed. I place the leather in the kitchen sink and run cold water over it to get the first layer off, you're right, that stuff will smear and stain. After the first rinse I rub the burn gently with my fingertips still under running water. Then I rub gently with a soft washcloth to get the final layers of soot off. If I'm in a hurry I pop the leather in my dehydrator to dry and, if not, I just set it out for a few hours.

    I like the resolution in your photos. I may have to switch to .1 instead for the next burn. Does that double the amount of time it takes?

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    @ilusnst yup twice as many lines

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    @ilusnst thanks for the info!

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