Breaking News : EleksMaker Bring A Time Machine Into Kickstarter

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    EleksTube is a full color Glow Tube Clock .

    Due to the increasing appeal of The Glow Discharge Tube. More and more people want there own Glow Tube Clock. But The Glow Tube has been out of production for a long time, since the demise of the soviet union. So it's hard to get a new Glow Tube now.

    Today, EleksMaker has brought an entirely new design of the RGB retro full color simulation glow tube electronic clock.

    EleksTube uses an innovative way to simulate the reality of the glow tube, which can connect your computer to change its color with your mind. And add RGB full-color discoloration function.Fully support Windows/Mac system.EleksTube provides a variety of choices for you, We have 4 bit black and white acrylic / 6 units bit clock ElekTube kit, and 4 bit / 6 bit bamboo material ElekTube clock suite.

    And creative push out single bit version EleksTube which compatible with most of the full bit EleksTube functions. Single bit version EleksTube also have acrylic version and bamboo version. They all have technology black metal anodic alumina alloy base and the integrated main controller and 1600W color Tube lamp board developed by EleksMaker. Add new passion and creativity to your artistic creation.

    When the such idea that retro clock project produced. we feel very excited. Our EleksMaker Studio is a focus on the desktop CNC devices and embedded development team.We have push out several popular desktop laser engraving / drawing machine, and embedded motherboard. So we have a lot of experience of research and development in technology equipment, and we immediately decided to use our own style to make this interesting idea into products that everyone can buy.

    Support us on kickstarter! Thx Folks! Happy New Year!

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