installed T2. got a few issues

  • good evening.
    i'm wondering if somebody could help me iron out a few issues with T2 that i'm having.

    i have a A3 pro from Banggood with the mana se Control PCB.
    the machine has the Feet and not the corner supports with the blue laser module. (believe this is the latest version).
    i have installed the 1.1e firmware default.

    the problems i'm having is.
    each time i connect or disconnect the laser its turning on full power. it also does this when i click laser control this turns the laser on for a small burst, and the same when i exit the laser control another small burst of about a second will fire?

    i been using the greyscale.png from the samples tab in the software i get is the percentage numbers at the bottom of the PNG not the grey scaled squares above. this is with the grey scale option selected in the set up part of the software,

    i had some problems with installing the firmware onto the MANA but i think this may have been down to the fact i was using the original ELEKSCAM Firmware before hand.

    where the video i seen on youtube his takes about 10-15 seconds mine only takes about 5.
    when the laser connects i get the correct messages
    1.1e ready and the correct COM3 is correct.

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    firstly the laser turning on at startup is a hardware problem. Eleksmaker is aware of it and has remedied it on their new machines (which havent gotten out into the wild yet as far as I know) You can fix this by installing a 1k resistor. there are directions for this on Personally, I just keep my laser unplugged until I get the 1.1e ready message then plug it in.

    There is a greyscale button at the top of the screen

    0_1515952790718_Sketch (5).png

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    @nottingham82 <--- what he said!

  • that is correct i loaded the greyscale.png sample into T2 then select the greyscale option at the top as highlighted as in your reply, but i'm just getting one continuous depth, there is no deviation in the burn levels, where as i thought it should be gradually getting darker. to show the change in power level

    i also notice that on the power selection where you set it from 0 for min and 255 for max. this is at 1000 as default?
    even when i set it for 255 and close the T2 sofware it then returns to 1000.

    thank you.

  • @nottingham82
    AH ok, its strange as when again i was using eleksCam. as long as you was in the software before powering up the control PCB it would NOT fire,

    again i thought this could be a problem with the way i have the Firmware loaded

    thank you

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    T2Laser does not connect to the laser until you start the Laser Controller, so when you are designing the Nano is off and the firmware not running.

    The laser module should be fail safe, so the laser is only on when the output is enabled (high). If you pull out the USB cable, what happens? It probably goes on full power - which is obviously a bad design as if the computer crashes, the USB cable fails or something else goes wrong you could get a fire.

  • have same problem, did you fixed your problem laser115 ?

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    @pach What issue are you having? Unable to control power?

    Are you using my firmware (Grbl 1.1e)?

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