Laser air assit powered by EleksMana SE

  • Hello!
    I have found on thingiverse a nice air assit powered by a radial fan, to mount on my laser to improve the cutting performance.
    I saw on the wiki that EleksMana Se have a Motor port.

    alt text
    So my question is, can i plug the 12v motor directly on this port to make it start when i power on the machine?!
    And nother one, what the Servo port is used for?!

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    servo port is used for the servo on the eleksdraw. the motor port switches on and off with the laser. That usually does not work for air assist as the fan is never on long enough to get to full speed and stay there. You are better off using a separate power supply so it gets a steady 12v

  • @nottingham82
    Thank you!
    I'll try it with an external power supply

  • I'm adding an air assist to a newer A3 pro with the blue laser module. Plugging the 12V fan into the motor port, I've found that it doesn't work even when the laser is on 100%. I'm about to have a look at what this port actually gives out when the laser is powered (anyone know? Is it the laser PWM?)(rubbish, see next message), but I'm actually considering soldering two pins onto the 'fan' connection on the board on top of the laser module and plugging the air assist fan in there - it provides 12V and doesn't require the lead to go back to the controller board.

  • @UHF Great observation on the laser board. Thanks for the picture. Let us know what you measured. Is it continuous power? That would make a great addition to the laser setup especially for cutting. Thanks.

  • ~~I've just tried measuring the motor port with a CRO. Nothing but 0V followed by odd noise. I don't have access to a modern storage scope, just a Hameg HM400 at the moment.

    A question for other people - does the controller need some gcode to activate the motor port? I can't be bothered to take it all off to examine the traces, perhaps someone knows. Thanks.~~ See next message.

    I'll just go ahead and attach the fan to the fan terminals on the laser board, I think.

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    @UHF did you turn the laser on? the motor port is only on when the laser is on and at the percentage of the laser power. so at 50 percent laser you should get 6 v on the motor port. At 100 percent laser it should be 12v

  • Yes, I turned the laser on. I've found why the fan didn't work... I plugged the fan in the opposite polarity expecting it to go backwards and just swap the sockets in the connector later, however the fan doesn't work with the wrong polarity. I swapped the connector in the pins, tried the fan in the motor socket and it does work when the laser is on.

    I did remove the mana se board because I've got a fault developing in the x-axis driver. The motor connector goes to 12V on + and the - goes to the LR120N MOSFET drain (bottom right), so I assume this turns the laser on and off if you're using "TTL"?

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    @UHF pretty much but you have your terms mixed up. TTl is the control board on the laser. it runs on a 5v signal and a steady 12v +/-. PWM is what the TTL board does. It takes the 5v signal and interprets how much power is needed and modulates the power to the laser. A laser without a TTL can still use PWM. It does this through the use of the onboard Mosfet. If you plug in a laser with only 2 wires into the motor port it will still be able to have power control using PWM through the mana se's mosfet. so your statement would be right if you had said: "so I assume this turns the laser on and off if you're using "PWM"?"

  • Ok, thanks. I've spent a few minutes reading about brushless DC motors, so I now know that they don't just run backwards with opposite polarity! This connection isn't really suitable for driving an air assist fan under all laser power levels, is it?

  • I've got the blower fan mounted on the air assist mounting from Thingiverse ( - which I need to modify slightly) and the fan is connected to the top of the laser module. It is quite effective and there isn't any smoke damage on card or wood like before.

    If you want to connect the blower fan to the laser module as I mentioned in a previous post, make sure you take some ESD precautions when handling the module. The four screws are self tapping and go through the laser mounted fan to the metal heatsink. You don't want to undo these screws more than once, otherwise the threads in the heatsink will foul.

    The cable to the blower fan can be desoldered at the terminals on the fan body, cut down and resoldered, to shorten it.

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