Trace frame feed rate

  • Hello!
    I'm having some minor trouble with the trace frame feed rate.
    On the first 4/5 time it was very fast, but now, it goes extremly slow taking 30 second or more to trace the perimeter of the engraving/cutting surface.
    There is a way to speed up the feed rate of the preview?!
    I have no problem with the motor because after the preview when i send the G-code the machine/program works well!

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Atthis Engrave Frame uses the vector feed rate you have selected.

  • Tank you! that explain evrything.
    i had thinked tath the software might use the same feed rate i set for the cut but i asked to be more secure of this.
    Adding a trace frame feed rate parameter in the laser control interface can be a nice and useful idea :)

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