T2 with Eleksmaker A3 Pro, Z axis and CNC Motor

  • Zax
    In my other thread T2 showed up as a good option for my A3 and so i am looking to make the purchase - especially having seen the YT videos whihc make it look so straight forward to use.
    Before i make my final decision i just wanted to check with you about driver options.
    I currently have the standard 2 axis Mana controller that comes with the A3 so no Z axis fitted right now.
    I have the 3 axis Mana controller arriving any day so will then refit the Z axis and set it up for that controller. This then also allows me to swap between Laser (2.5) and CNC motor (Eleksmaker 555).
    I understand T2 will work with both but wanted to check a couple of things first please.

    1. Should I use the Elekscam drivers or should I use GBRL - if so which version and is there somewhere specific to download it from.
    2. Are there any YT tutorials on using T2 with the Z axis and a CNC motor?
    3. Any other things i should bear in mind when using this quick swap option?

    Thanks - looking forward to using T2, just have to decide which PC i put it on and i will go ahead.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software


    1. I think you mean the firmware not the drivers, the drivers are the same CH340 that you probably have installed already. I recommend using my firmware (Grbl 1.1e) as compared to Eleks (Grbl 0.9).

    2. I haven't created any but there may be some, I do have a PDF that covers the basics and as you said, T2Laser is very easy to use but also powerful. Send me a PM with your e-mail address or just e-mail me and I will send you the files.

    3. No, just don't have both connected at the same time ;)

    Have you considered adding home switches?

  • Thanks for the advice - Message sent with my email address in - very helpful as always and i look forward to seeing the PDFs :-)
    I will look up how to do the firmware update (#edit# included within T2?) .. will it still work with Elekscam once on 1.1e?
    What do home switches do? Is this covered somewhere? ... i love to add extras to everything so keen to know what these do and how to do it :laughing: .... #edit# Looks like these may be end stop switches like I use on my 3D printer?
    Thanks again

  • @Zax , you have a guide and adding home switches and a Z Axis to the A3?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @modellermark2 No, EleksCAM is older software and doesn’t support Grbl 1.1 but don’t worry, T2Laser does everything better ;)

    There are some posts on adding home switches, in T2Laser you just enable it in the settings menu and it’s automatic.

    I’m away for the holiday weekend so don’t have access to my pictures or notes but if you email me I can send you details.

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