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  • I am just opening this thread for newbees to leverage the best practices that others have developed and used with experience for ease and boost up confidence.
    Request you to please actively participate and share :
    a. Material Used (Eg. Leather, mdf, beachwood, acrylic etc)
    b. Feed rate (Min and Max)
    c. Used Laser power (in watts for Eg .5w, 2.5w etc)
    d. Machine used (Elekslaser/eleksdraw)
    e. Laser Power used for engraving (eg. 0 - 255)
    f. Resolution
    g. Mode (Greyscale, Dithered etc)
    h. Any other tweaked settings (eg. rapid skip blanks off)
    i. Sample image result

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Hey Vivek,

    Great idea! I'm completely new to this and have only tried very basic stuff.
    I still dont know what half the settings mean so any input from anyone would be great.

    One i figure out more i will definitely post here!


  • Active Member

    go to the section marked extraodinary things and cool stuff. i have many listed items with pictures and settings including slate, pine, glass, and bamboo

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