Issues Configuring Grbl in T2

  • I'm having an issue changing a grbl setting in T2 laser and it's driving me crazy. I'm running a benbox setup with the makeblock 328 Orion board. The machine/software had been running fine until a week ago when I tried to update to firmware 1.1e so that I could enable homing switches and use PWM. I wasn't aware that Benbox had to use its own version of 0.8 to run. Long story short, I had to reload the benbox firmware, makeblock-328p-20150606, to get anything to run.

    However, this caused a problem, my x-axis, which had been running in the correct direction, is now inverted. I tried the reverse x-axis direction button in settings, nothing changed, still moving inverted. So I tried going into debug mode and manually inverting it with $2=1, nothing changes. I try using $$ to check my grbl parameters, nothing happens. Even selecting that option in the menu doesn't do anything. What is weird is that I can use M03 and M05 to toggle my laser, and I can use a command like G00X10F2000 to move just fine (inverted of course).

    The only thing that I can seem to do is send default parameters, but it seems like I'm totally locked out of sending any actual parameter changes to my board. It would be great to fix this, and very nice to set up homing switches as well. Does anyone have any suggestions where I could start?

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    @landiske The benbox firmware is a modified Grbl v0.8 and does not accept the usual $$ configuration.

    T2Laser works best with my Grbl 1.1e or one of the custom firmware for your machine, the motion is much better also. I do not suggest benbox firmware except as a test option.

    If you know the pin outs for your machine it is a simple case to make a Grbl 1.1 firmware for it.

  • Ok, sounds good. The Arduino board I am using from makeblock uses rj-45 plugs instead of a proper pin-out system, but thankfully the board itself still has the pins labeled:
    X-Axis: 10, 11, Gnd, V-M, SDA, SCL
    Y-Axis: 9, 3, Gnd, V-M, SDA, SCL
    Y-limit Switches: 13,12
    X-Limit Switch: 17,16 (Also labeled A2,A3 confusingly)
    Laser is in M2+ -

    It would be really great to get away from the benbox firmware, from what I could find online it really looked like I was stuck with 0.8 forever.

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    @landiske Those pin outs aren't familiar, does it use an Arduino Uno?

    If I understand correctly:
    X step = 10
    X dir = 11
    Y step = 9
    Y dir = 3

    Laser = ?

  • That is correct. Makeblock uses their own Arduino configuration, called Orion, that is based off of the UNO. The laser is in 5,6 (if I'm not totally crazy, 0 is off, right?) I had to get the laser pinouts from the benbox software, and it confirmed the pins you posted.

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    @landiske The laser can only be a single pin, well I guess they could have a laser enable pin and then the PWM separate but it would be unusual (and unnecessary).

    Can you e-mail me ( and I will compile a Grbl 1.1f hex for you and if it works I will add to the next release of T2Laser.

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