Flashed latest mana.hex and still moving in diagonal !

  • Hello !

    I have assembled my EleksDraw two days ago and I am fighting with the diagonal movement since the first use.
    I have read here that it could be fixed with the latest mana.hex from EleksROM.

    I am under Linux and I have manually flashed mana.hex from EleksROM with avrdude. All went well (version is grbl 0.9i) but the EleksDraw still move in diagonal.

    Is there a GCODE command to supply to the Arduino to make it run properly ?

    Thanks for your ideas to help me to solve this problem...


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @ElektroLUDIKITS Yes. Your software should have settings to fix it, you need to enable Cartesian coordinates instead of CoreXY.

    In T2Laser you can select the EleksLaser option or switch the axis modes using the menu. The manual commands are shown in parenthesis.


  • @Zax Thanks for your help. I will give E2 a try. Concerning T2Laser, I am an exclusive Linux user and work only with free and open source softwares.

  • @Zax In GCODE, "E" is used for extruder parameters... this looks confusing..

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @ElektroLUDIKITS T2Laser runs on Linux but no it isn't open source because I have to pay Microsoft for use of their systems and licenses.

    I subsidize the software a lot compared to what it costs to develop and support, the registration fee includes unlimited updates on the computer purchased and the software is continually updated with new features.

    If you use my default Grbl 1.1e firmware it won't need any special commands, it's compiled for the EleksLaser system.

  • @Zax No offense, you decided to work with Microsoft products and to enter in their closed-source / fee-based software and libraries system. I chose to completly get rid of that 13 years ago.

    My Linux system and it's software ecosystem are also "continually updated with new features". Paying is not a guaranty of anything...

    So I will get by by myself... thanks for your help!

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