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  • Hello community,

    I bought the license to T2Laser and I'm very satisfied.

    I have two small questions, is there a User manual for T2 available (possibly in German, I do not mean the help file)?

    Is it possible to transfer the license from one computer to another?
    (Software is installed on my laptop, but I would to use my PC sometimes as well, either the Laptop or the PC)

    THX Kugelblitz

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Kugelblitz The manual (help file) that you get by pressing Shift-F1 or clicking Help / Manual from the menu is the only written documentation. The other resource is my YouTube videos that cover the basics.

    If you have a single PC locked license then you can only install it on one computer, it can be transferred but depending when you purchased there may be a fee. The alternative is an upgrade to a USB-Key "dongle" license that is freely transferable or a 2nd license for the other computer.

    You can always email me directly with any questions and the support is faster than posting here or on other forums.

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