HELP! Rst ROM now EleksDRAW not working :(

  • Hi, Sorry to bother you all, im new here, just bought an eleksdraw. After pressing rst ROM in EleksCAM, I can no longer get my eleksdraw to connect - instead EleksCAM says 'Finding serial ports faild. Please make sure you already connect Eleksmaker CNC device'.. I saw that in another forum here that I should fix this using T2 software, but when I load T2, it seems like the software isn't connecting to my device and when I click 'Clear EEprom' nothing happens, then the same for when I click 'update firmware (eleksmana)'...I've only just bought this and already ive messed it up :( would be very grateful of any help anyone could give me!

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    try a new usb cable.

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    In T2Laser you need to select the correct COM port, baud rate doesn't matter but it does need to know where to find the machine.

    Check Control Panel / Devices to make sure the driver is loaded correctly.

  • @Zax Thank you very much for your reply - I have now connected the port to T2, but when I go to 'clear EEProms' a command prompt window comes up with lots of things including 'error reading signature from ATMega238P' or something, and then 'Programmer not responding' in a second cmdprompt window. Something similar happens when i try to upload the Eleksmana firmware...Sorry for all the questions and thanks again for your help! :)

  • @nottingham82 Thanks for the advice, I think that will be my last resort - hopefully there's a cost free solution haha!

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    Usually the wrong port or a bad cable.

  • @Zax hmm, well I had the eleksdraw working fine before i pressed 'Rst ROM' so surely it isn't the cable is it? And I'm sure it's the correct port because only one port comes up in the drop down list :/

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    I agree, you should be good.

    I don't know what it does, but I wonder if the boot loader was removed or corrupted by the "Rst ROM" function?

  • @Zax Any idea how I might fix it? I might just have to ask for a replacement...but i ordered it from china and it took over 3 weeks to come so trying to avoid that if possible

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    @gmeleks18 You would need a programmer or replacement Nano, either option is very cheap and it's always good to have a spare Nano.

  • @Zax when you say a new nano, do you mean a new eleksmana controller board? Thank you so much for your help!

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    @gmeleks18 The Nano is the smaller board that plugs into the controller board, it's the processor and memory. The rest of the board is just routing for the stepper drivers and MOSFET, you don't need to replace it all.

  • This happened with me as well, It behaves like dead when you upload wrong firmware but I tried 2 times, and it successfully uploaded. Makesure you only upload the eleksdraw eleksmana firmware. it will re-upload and start cooking. I used T2 laser and uploaded builtin eleksmana firmware. Thanks

  • @vivek.khanna Hello Fraom Germany. I think I have the same problwm. Doring some tryouts with firmware I lost the communication. What kind of component must changed at the MANA SE Board? Many thanks in advance!

  • Hi @nt-klaus ! are your LEDs lighting up when you connect USB, second, if you use T2Laser, is your machine connected via com port? where exactly are you from Germany?

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