T2 DXF import refinement

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    I am new to T2 and I say that it is a huge bargan.
    I love this software.

    I use an excellent software for a cnc kit machine that I
    assembled called v carve pro by vectric to make/modify my vectors.
    I export them and then import into T2 for my A5 laser.
    I discovered a problem of my own creation when only the
    upper left quadrant was being exported. The fix is to make
    sure that if you are working in v carve pro make sure that you
    are dealing mm and that the reference is in the lower left corner.
    I was using the datum point in the center of the project.
    T2 imports it perfectly.

  • Correction:
    Only the upper right quadrant was exported.
    The other 3/4 was missing due to the center
    datum point.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @slmatt01 I'm glad you are enjoying the software.

    Actually the entire DXF is being imported but anything in negative space isn't converted, there's an option called Relocate Origin which automatically shifts the design so the lower left is 0,0.

    It's better to use your solution and fix the CAD but this is a quick fix.

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