EleksDraw Servo Bracket Pen Parts

  • We just purchased our second EleksDraw plotter. This one came with the pen hardware on the right. We were expecting the hardware on the left, as that is what the BG photo showed.
    I have sent an email to EleksMaker, awaiting reply.
    My Question is, Is the flat plate with the 8 holes and the servo bracket with the tabs and cutouts available?

  • I believe the pen holder mechanism was updated. You don't need the first two parts on your image. The servo mounts directly on the acrylic part along with the two brass couplers and the black part moves with the pen.

  • Thank you. When I read that the mechanism was updated, I said, WHAT! How can this be? Then I realized the absolute genius that I was seeing from the updated design. Using the servo horn to directly lift the plate. Pure genius in design elegance. Simple and effective. It seems the quest has ended for a better pen mechanism.
    But I might add, but maybe I'm missing something, but shouldn't the acrylic mounting block have provision for both mounting holes in the brass couplers ? Only one screw ?

    Thanks again

  • @robotfish, fully agree on the lack of 2 screws per brass coupler. It took me a long time to setup mine such that the movement is frictionless. I suspect the task would have been easier if there were two screws per coupler. I wonder, since you are in the unique position to have both designs, could you share whether it is easier to get a smooth movement from your old robot vs your new robot ?

  • EleksDraw pen mechanism updated version modifications.

    I have yet to fully test, but so far it looks VERY promising. It gives the ability to tighten down the 4 brass bearing support screws and still have a bit of play for final adjustment on the bottom nuts. This design ties it all together.
    Lets see what the community has to say.

    0_1519096222555_ORIG MODIFIED.JPG 0_1519096431170_SUPPORT HOLS.JPG 0_1519096452625_PEN HOLDER.JPG

  • ........................UPDATE......................

  • @robotfish looks very nice! looking forward to your updates!

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