Unable to close laser control box

  • Hi, just playing with my new engraver and T2 laser, I have noticed that if I try to burn a job, in the laser control box, the job is sent, the job is engraved and the laser returns to the home position, but the progress bar shows 100% in the box above it it shows "sending" and the only way co close the box is from the task bar.
    Am I mising soething obvious??


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @ztf It sounds like you are losing some of the communication from the laser back to the computer so T2Laser is waiting for it to send a signal to say it's finished.

    It could be caused by the cable, port, some other program interfering with the communications or a bad Nano. It's not a solution but rather a workaround, enable Simple Streaming and see if that fixes it. The downside is your computer needs to be fast enough or the laser will keep pausing while it waits for more data.

  • @Zax

    Sorted, I deselected "End Program (M30)" everything now works correctly :)

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @ztf That's odd, the M30 (end of program) command is supposed to be deselected automatically when Grbl firmware is detected. Glad you fixed it, I will take a look and verify and remember this in the future. Thanks!

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