Eleksmill using laser?

  • Hi, just received the new mill and looking forward to using it tomorrow. One question, the milling motor has two screw holes to mount it on the chasis, but the laser , 500mw, does seem to have any way to fasten it to the chasis. it sit neatly in place but I assume it should be fastened in place.

    Help please.

  • I have same problem, how do we fix 2500mW laser to eleksmill z-axis ??

  • I was also puzzled by the lack of fixing screws.
    But, after a few flawless tests with the laser I decided to leave things as they are and not drill any holes in the CNC chassis or the Laser unit.
    The smooth movement of the unit and the laser's weight should be enough to prevent any shifting while it's operational.

  • Hello..
    I have settled with the "Moski" CNC 1310 as it features direct drive and 10mm Aluminum components.. although for all intents its the "Deluxe" Eleksmill. This features an M3 thread in the top support plate. I have purchased the Eleksmaker 2500mW Laser, found a similar issue in terms of securing the laser.

    There is a little margin around the mount, I have simply shimmed this with thick card to center it and made reference marks on the Y-Axis table to ensure its centered.

    Remember any slight movement will throw out any precision etching.

    Hope this helps.

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