New here, EleksDraw worked but now its drawings are diagonal

  • Hi, for the first few tests EleksDraw was working perfectly. I am using EleksCam. After updating the firmware using EleksRom V3.8, it started drawing diagonally. However, I remember executing a program called CH340-Driver.exe. Is there a fix for this? I've read the forum and its most probably a firmware issue. Is there a way to "reset" EleksDraw to its original firmware?

  • This is what's happening. [0_1521524791737_video-1521524688.mp4](Uploading 100%)

  • This is what I'm trying to draw0_1521524859337_Screenshot (30).png

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    CH340-Driver.exe is the driver to connect to the eleksdraw. If it is drawing diagonally you are connected. You need to set it to eleksdraw mode. If it is drawing diagonally then it is in laser mode. there should be a place to change the type of machine. It is under rst rom or something like that. Then you click the eleksdraw picture.

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