The OutLine mode does’t work. Why ?

  • Good evening everyone,

    I have just purchased an EleksLaser A3 Pro version 2. I started by installing the EleksCAM 3.1 software. And I think that, like everyone else, the software did’t work the first time. When launching an engraving, the laser ignited, but no movement of the motors. So I used the program at the end of the page:

    It adjusts the time characteristics of the computer clock. The engines will work very well then.
    So I can use the RealPoint, Scan and Point modes. Unfortunately, the OutLine mode does’t work. When I enable this mode, the line of code tells me No Data Generate.
    Can someone give me an explanation on this malfunction? I would need this function to cut couples and airplane rib in the field of model making.

    Thank you

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    you need to right click the icon and select run as administrator.

  • I have the same problem, this does not help. Any other advice?
    Tested on Windows 7, 32 and 64bit systems.

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