Very poor precision

  • Hi guys! I've recently received an EleksDraw, flashed it with a new firmware, and trying to draw.

    I'm testing the machine by drawing circles of constant radius of 6 mm and also making points:
    should be like this

    but what I get on paper is this:

    Gcode files:

    What am I doing wrong??
    I'm considering a return.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    That is not a fault of the machine. You need to adjust the belt tension and make sure everything is moving smoothly. It will do a wonderful job once setup correctly, these are high quality machines.

  • Sorry, too bad there is no manual on that.

    I'm trying to adjust right now. So now it's turned off and moving it myself. It seems like, Y axis is smooth, but moving in X-axis is more difficult and not so smooth. What could be the reason?

  • Ok, seems to be good now.

    The problem was that the white moving platform was scratching along the black profile below because of the screws because there were the blue shims on the bottom. I've removed the blue shims, so the screws now protrude less, and everything seems fine.


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    Much better, but perhaps still some room for improvement. Enjoy!

  • @hidoba I had the same problem - if the screws fixing the moving carriage plates together are too tight, they will pull the linear bearings out of alignment and movement will be scratchy and rough - undo the screws a bit until the X Y movement is smooth by hand

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