Provide me information for buying a laser for my EleksMaker Draw Machine

  • ![Hi there,
    I have bought EleksMaker Draw machine and It's working perfectly.
    If I wanna buy the laser module for hanging it at the other side, which one should I buy? ( 2500 mW, 5000mW or 7000mW) and if I buy it, how can I hang it?. Because there is a blue piece didn't come with Draw Machine

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  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Salah I wish they would sell that too, I 3D printed one for my older machine but it's not as stable.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    hi , @Salah

    you can just send email to , and we can sell you one .

    @Zax next time you buy something form us , we will send you one for free

  • @Zax
    Could you please answer my question?
    If I wanna buy the laser module for Eleks drawer machine, which one should I buy? ( 2500 mW, 5000mW or 7000mW)

    Can I use the strongest one (7000 mW)? and if there is much strong and suitable for my machine, please let me know.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Salah It depends on your purpose, the 2500mW (or even 1600mW) are better for detailed engraving as the spot size (beam) is smaller. The 5000mW (I don't believe Eleks sells 7000mW) is good for cutting and faster engraving on larger scale.

    Like all tools, there's the right one for the job!

  • Hi, I just bought the Eleksdraw Pro Metal to write invitations, menus and such for my soon to be wedding. I noticed that I can also equip it with the laser module.

    So, I have the same question as Salah, where can I get the blue bracket to mount the laser module?
    Do you still have the 2500 mW laser module in stock? (I only see the 500 and 1600 mW versions available in your store)

    I also plan to do larger engravings and sticker cutting with the laser module, would you recommend the 5000 mW laser for this job (and if so how much are these).

    I'm excited and I can't wait for the machine to arrive.

    Kind regards,


  • oh i forgot one thing, what is the average lifespan of the laser module?

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