Small plywood bat

  • Hello!
    For a bats workshop, I cut some plywood (4mm) shapes to decorate some batboxes.
    All the bats made were decorated by the children with natural linseed oil and vegetable color paint


    Setup of the eleksmaker A3 2.5 watt:
    feed rate: 480mm/sec
    Power: 255
    N° of pass: 30
    Software: T2Laser

    I found more easy to cut with a rapid feed rate than going slow like 100 or 120mm/sec

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Atthis I do the same, many more passes but the result is better (cleaner cutting so less after work).

  • Yes, going fast and adding a blower to the laser head, made the edge more clear and the kerf of the cut extremely small.
    I mesured it with a micrometer and the difference between the perimeter of a small square of 10mmx10mm and the small square cut out is just 100 micron...very impressive :)

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